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SL-C For Sale

  by Shane  •  GTM

The engine has under 5 hours of run time and the car has 32 miles logged. Anyone who has built or is building an SLC knows there is an incredible amount of time and money invested in a build.
The engine is a modified Corvette LS7 mated with a Ricardo six speed transaxle, originally designed for a Ford GT. The LS7 has a LS9 oil pump that with a higher volume and a Petersen oil sump tank. Both engine and transaxle are fitted with oil coolers. The LS7 has custom headers and mild cylinder head porting. The Ricardo transaxle incorporates a Ford GT throw-out bearing, Stillen two disc Ford GT clutch and pressure plate.

Installed components include CCW wheels and a Ram Lift Pro front lift kit. The front clip hinges, rear clip hinges, custom rear defuser/wing mount, radiator plenum, radiator cover, inside headlight aluminum cover, rear aluminum wheel wells, rear aluminum floor pan, undercoat floorpan, gas tank tunnel, sump, filler, vent, front canards, one piece stainless radiator lines, custom headers and exhaust are custom fabricated. Painless wiring throughout with Stardrive Lexus ignition, custom LED tail lights and front parking lights, all sending units are from Classic instruments. Mannex air conditioning and heating are installed.

Extensive bodywork includes custom NACA ducts, scoop, etc., front clip upper fender louvers, under door custom oil cooler NACA vents, rear clip NACA vents, rear clip reverse facing scoop for air cleaner, custom rear clip for tail lights, roof plenum for engine air. Modfied the dash to accommodate upgraded instruments. Other touches include filling door handle holes, and finishing inner front spider vents. Aluminum panels were fabricated to back up all metal connection points on fiberglass components, adding structural integrity. The body /door/ clip spacing reveal/gaps have been upgraded and aligned.

The Ricardo transaxle is mated with a Ford GT Shifter, ARP clutch and pressure plate, header, and stub axel bolts. Fuel is fed through an Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump, with pre and post filters and regulator and an Aeromotive Billet Fuel Pump Speed Controller.

AC pump and condenser have custom mounts. The wiring harness was remade to fit the installation with Aeroquip lines and fittings, over 60 wires shortened or lengthened, soldered, and double heat shrunk. All wires are covered with Painless wire wrap.

The Ricardo transaxel has been tested, evaluated and dialed in by RPM Tranmission in Cincinnati. Mannex supplies the AC and heat. Gauges are Classic Instruments Auto Cross in a custom hand laid dash. Switches are Auto Loc Latching Billet Button/Switch.

Seats are Kirkey with Crow six point seat belts. Doors open with actuators from key fob. Paint is pure toner red and black chrome. Interior is grey synthetic leather. Black Mercedes grade carpet. Over $129K in parts, and over 3000 hours of labor a $55/hr. makes the total investment in this car almost $300,000 US dollars.  See the appraisal link below for the appraised value of this car.  You can own it for $95,000.  The car is located in Arizona.  Please email or call if you are interested in this stunning SL-C.  vraptor@midlands.net  712-249-3844.

Parts cost list

Stillen Clutch & pressure plate $2,200
Throwout bearing/slave $250
Flywheel $180
Starter motor $550
Aeromotive a100 fuel pump and filters $620
Aeromotive controller $345
Aeromotive regulator $175
Petersen 3 ½ gal drysump tank and mounts $520
AN hose and fittings $3,200
Wheels and tires $3,500
Titanium lug nuts $300
Lift kit $1,800
Mannex AC unit & condenser $650
Headers & powdercoat $1,850
Mufflers $310
Catalytic converters $360
Exhaust tips $300
KP tech start kit and Lexus button $245
Front fender louvers $300
Rear clip vent $125
Roof plenum $150
Naca vents $250
Aluminum $1,200
Waterjet parts $825
Battery $150
Billet battery hold down $95
Struts $225
Front clip hinges $175
Stainless nuts bolts washers $450
Grade 8 bolts $200
Brake lines & fittings $175
Stainless coolant tube and elbows $325
Fuel tank alterations $525
Painless wiring kit $375
Painless wire covers $175
Weatherpac connectors $140
LS9 oil pump $425
LS7 fiberglass coil covers $150
Wiper motor, wiper arm and blade $325
Classic Instruments sensors $125
ARP header and clutch bolts $180
Ford GT40 shifter $525
Shift cables $400
Oils coolers $325
Alternator $125
AC compressor $300
Powder coating wheels, parts, etc. $1,200
Undercoating $200
Crow 5 point harness $425.00
Total parts $28,140

SLC kit $44,000
LS7 $14,000
Ship car $1,400
Ricardo transaxle $12,000
Total parts $28,140
body work $4,500
Paint $15,500
Kirkey seats $650
Classic Instruments $1150
AC line and system charge $1,500
Heater lines $250
Interior panels $960
Door actuators $875
Carpet $650
miscellaneous parts $4.000

Total $129,355.00

Wohlstrum, Thorsten 2014 RCR Superlite OpVal 2.25.17appraisal


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