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818 Wing Mount Kit

May 20, 2015  by Shane

This wing mount kit provides a rock- solid and light-weight platform for mounting a rear wing on your 818.  This kit is designed to remove any stress or load from the body of the car and transfer all of the downforce directly to the chassis.   This kit can be used to mount the APR GTC-300 wing that can also be purchased thru VRaptor SpeedWorks with the proper wing mount spacing to work with this wing mount kit.  Wing stands are also available for mounting the APR GT-250, which can also be purchased thru VRaptor SpeedWorks.  This kit comes with all of the parts you need to assemble your wing mount with the exception of a 12′ length of 1″x1″ square steel tubing that you will have to source locally….most welding shops may already have this on hand.  This kit includes the black anodized aluminum wing stands that are visible above the body.  The top profile and bolt pattern of the wing stands (for the GTC-300 and the GT-250) is a direct copy of the wing stands that APR provides, so all of the original adjustability of the APR system is retained with these wing stands.  Welding is required to assemble this kit as well as welding the provided mounting tabs to the chassis of your 818.  Assembly instructions are provided with your purchase.