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About Us

July 6, 2010  by Shane

At VRaptor SpeedWorks, LLC, we are committed to providing the highest quality custom Supercar builds available anywhere.  These cars are built one-at-a-time, to each customers exacting specifications so that each owner has that “one of a kind” exotic car that he or she has always dreamed of.  Whether you’re looking for a Turn-key Factory Five GTM, an RCR (Race Car Replicas) Superlite Coupe (SL-C), or an Ultima GTR, we can build you the car you’ve been dreaming about.  For the past 4 years, we have been specializing in custom Factory Five GTM builds.  Having completed 6 GTMs now (and #7 and #8 currently in the shop being completed), it’s safe to say that VRSW has completed more GTM’s than anyone else.

What does this mean for you?  It means that we have the experience and knowledge to get these cars built to a degree of fit and finish that no other builder can provide!  Don’t believe us?  If you’re considering having a GTM, SL-C or GTR built, and you’re “shopping around” for a builder, simply ask your prospective builders to provide you with information about how many cars they’ve built and ask for detailed, hi-resolution photos of their finished cars showing details like hood-to-body, door, and hatch/clam-shell fitment.  We’ll gladly send you photos that clearly show these details, and I can personally guarantee that you will not find a builder that can provide the fit and finish that VRaptor SpeedWorks can provide.  In my opinion, this makes the difference between a true Supercar, and just another kit-car.

Whether you’re looking for a streetable highway Supercar with all the goodies, like power windows, AC, One-Button-Push-Button-Start, keyless entry, built-in security system, full carpet/suede sound-deadended interior……or you’re looking for a custom built track-day beast that will blow the doors off of your buddies Ferrari or Porsche…..VRaptor SpeedWorks can build the car to fit your needs and desires!  Contact us today at vraptor@midlands.net or give us a call at 712-249-3844 for more details or a price quote.