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AC/Heat Vent Hose Patch/Seal Panel

December 31, 2018  by Shane

The top tunnel panel must provide a positive seal between the cockpit and tunnel to prevent the extreme heat from the tunnel from being forced into the cockpit.  Since the AC/Heat vent hoses pass thru this panel, it is important that these vent hoses are all “sealed” around them to keep this tunnel panel sealed up…..you can’t just cut one big hole for all of the vent hoses to come up thru.  If you do, it will literally feel like you’ve installed a blast furnace under the dash and you will have successfully transformed your cockpit into a pressure cooker!  Whether you’ve already cut a huge hole in the panel or not, you can use this panel to get the seal you need for your vent hoses.  The individual holes in this panel are sized so that the vent hose fits tight in the hose and self-seals.  Please note that this panel does not replace the entire top FFR tunnel panel….it only covers the area above the AC unit as shown in the photos below.





20181231_131239 20181231_131246