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BMW/Universal Hood Louvers

January 21, 2016  by Shane

These have apparently become very popular with the BMW racer crowd.  We had several BMW owners purchasing the GTM Gen II Rear Body Louvers from us to use on the hood of their BMW race cars.  These worked very well, but aesthetically, the curve of the panel was opposite the curve of the leading edge of the hood (since they were designed for the rear of the body of a GTM).  To clean up the looks, we simply inverted the louvers within this panel so that they could be installed in the BMW hood with the curve of the panel matching the curve of the front of the hood.  These are the same size and same shape as the Gen II Rear Body Louvers…..the only difference being that the curve of the panel has been reversed.  These are cut from .080″ aluminum and shipped flat.  While the panel is flat, use it as a template to mark the openings in your hood.  The individual louver blades must be hand formed to the proper angle (using the slots in the small braces as a guide).  Once all of the louver blades are formed to the proper angle, install the braces, seat them with a plastic mallet.  Once they are seated, I would recommend bonding the braces to the louver blades on the bottom side of the panel so that the epoxy won’t be seen from the top side of the hood.  We use 3M 8115 panelbonding adhesive to do this.  You can bond them and then have the panel powdercoated and the powdercoating process will not harm this adhesive.  Louvers can be surface mounted on the top of the hood, or could be mounted to the bottom of the hood skin and bonded in place for a cleaner look.





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