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Cable Shifter Mounting Bracket Kit

May 7, 2012  by Shane

These parts are custom made to mount a Brandwood Cableshifter into your GTM Chassis.  This kit will properly place your cable shifter at the proper height in the tunnel as well as the proper fore/aft position so that your shift boot/trim plate will be in the proper position on the dash.  The “box” ends up being about 1/2″ below flush with the tops of the frame tubes and the front LH corner of the box ends up nearly flush with the leading edge of the shifter bracket that is welded to the chassis by FFR.  As you can see from the photos, you will need to notch the lower corner of that FFR bracket just a bit to clear a bolt that protrudes from the side of the shifter box.  There is an existing hole in the side of the shifter box that I transfer it’s location onto the FFR bracket and drill a hole to bolt the side of the box directly to the FFR bracket on the chassis.


The new brackets supplied in this kit include a rear bracket that mounts to the old FFR bearing mount and to the rear of the shifter box.  It also includes a bracket that bolts to the front of the shifter box, and then welds to the chassis.  This kit includes all nuts/bolts/washers as well as the 2 brackets which will be properly bent to fit. 

 This provides for a rock-solid mount for the cable shifter box so that you can be assured that all of your shifting motion goes directly into the cables, and is not wasted warping and distorting the shifter box, giving you a much more positive shifting “feel”.