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Canton Coolant Tank Mounting Bracket

January 12, 2012  by Shane

I have found that the aluminum coolant tank that Canton offers as a replacement for the plastic ‘Vette tank (Canton Part # CAN80-225) is a great fit for those wanting to locate your coolant tank at a height higher than the engine. It’s almost like it was custom made for that area of the chassis. The fill/pressure cap is located out in the open where you can easily get to it and a straight shot to fill. Plenty of room underneath for the fuel tank. If you have regulators or fuel pumps/filters mounted to the top side of the alum engine bay panel, there is plenty of room there also. The fitting coming out of the bottom of the coolant tank lines up perfectly with the angle behind the fuel tank so that you can run a coolant hose straight down behind the fuel tank. It does not interfere with the fuel filler neck or the Wing Window NACA ducts that I offer. It has a handy nipple already built into the tank to run you steam vent to so that air is constantly purged to a height higher than engine coolant level.

With all of that said, since I have a few of these to mount on the GTM’s I’ve got in the shop here, I figured no better time to make a custom mounting plate for this application. 

It has cut-outs to fit the chassis to position the tank perfectly. Cut from 1/8″ thick steel. Simply grind off the powdercoat on the chassis, weld the bracket in place and paint.