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Center Console Trim Plate

February 16, 2012  by Shane

If any of you are interested in a custom trim plate for your center console, I can offer you custom placement of:

-FFR Provided Ignition Key Switch (hole is even notched/indexed to keep the switch from spinning)
-Vintage Air AC control panel
-Power window Switches using the kit supplied square switch trim plate
-Hazard Switch
-Fog Light switch

The trim plate in the photo is set up to clear a Brandwood cable shifter that has been mounted with the TOP of the shifter box flush with the BOTTOM of the 1×1 tubes on the tunnel. If you have this cable shifter with it mounted closer to flush with the top of the tunnel, most of the time I offset the window switches to the right a bit to clear the top cable boss. Placement of switches would be up to you to detemine clearance and placement. With all of the shapes for the openings already drawn, it is very easy to move them around on the drawing to the location of your choice.

The trim plate pictured will also clear the double DIN Pioneer AVIC-Z130BT head unit that I have seen in a few builds. The screen slides out at the bottom to open up the CD slot, and it WILL clear the AC controls as well as the key inserted into the key switch as it opens/closes.

I will offer these at $30 “as-is” (same switch placement as shown) or $59 for custom placement of switches….with you providing me with dimensions of where you want them located in relation to the center shift-boot hole.  Please note that there are two different window switch bezels that have shipped with the FFR kits.  The older bezels are all 100% plastic.  That is what the $30 standard trim plate is set up for.  The newer bezels have metal spring clips moulded into the plastic bezel that retain the bezel in the trim plate.  They require a different size/shape hole, so please be sure to note which bezel you have when you place your order.

Material is .080″ aluminum. Thanks!