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Crate ECU/ISIS Powercell Mounting Bracket

November 13, 2018  by Shane

Mount your GMPP Crate engine ECU, Infinitybox (ISIS) Powercell and puke tank all on one convenient bracket that keeps the components up and out of the way, opening up more room for other “stuff” in your engine bay.  Made from 14ga steel and will require painting or powdercoating.  Locates the ECU and Powercell near the side scoop opening in the body to keep cool airflow to the components.  ECU mounting pattern can be modified for other ECU’s and puke tank mount could easily be deleted for use on non-LS7 builds.  Let me know your needs and we can modify the bracket accordingly.  Due to variations in engine harnesses, you would need to use the photos to judge whether or not your ECU connectors will reach the ECU mount location.





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