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Crate LS376 Throttle Pedal Mounting Bracket

October 24, 2012  by Shane

Use this bracket to mount your crate LS376 Throttle pedal to the chassis of your GTM.  May also work for other Crate Engines (LS3, LS7?), so check to see if your throttle pedal matches the one in the photos below.  Made from .080″ aluminum, this bracket attaches to the 3/4″ chassis tube at the top and 1″ chassis tube at the bottom and allows the existing steel bracket on the pedal to be bolted to the pedal-box by drilling a hole thru the pedal box on the chassis (see photos).  Kit comes with the aluminum mounting bracket and the bolts/washers/nuts to bolt the pedal to the bracket and the pedal to the pedal box on the chassis.  You will need to provide your own hardware to attach the bracket to the chassis tubes.  1/4-20 threadserts and bolts or 3/16″ rivets should work for that task.