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Custom GTM Hatch Props

February 3, 2012  by Shane

These use the same pivot point in the front as the gas springs, and the same bracket mounting location on the hatch as the gas springs, but I have supplied new brackets for the hatch. They have the exact same mounting hole pattern as the FFR supplied brackets, so if you already have them installed, simply drill out the rivets and use the same holes for the new brackets.   These brackets have 4 adjustment holes so you can adjust for safe lift height without the corners of the hatch/glass digging in to your paint on the body!

The props are made from 1/4″ 6061 aluminum. They are plasma-cut, so edge quality is not perfect, but nothing that a few minutes with a sanding disc or belt sander wouldn’t take care of in a jiffy……heck, you could polish the whole thing if you wanted. I decided to keep the design simple so it blends in well with the hinge links and hinge plate.

These are going to be a great solution to the many, many problems caused by the gas springs supplied with the kit. Like:

1. The gas springs apply constant stress to the hatch whether opened or closed.

2. The gas springs actually change the fit of the hatch. If you adjust your hinges and fit your hatch to the body, and THEN install the gas springs, you will find that the hatch now fits completely different than it did before.

3. When you close the hatch, you always need to push down on the front of the hatch glass to seat the hinges, as the gas springs are always trying to force the glass upward so it sits above the level of the roof of the car.

4. The gas springs wear out…..ususally quickly, and when they do, they are useless and need constant replacement.

5. The gas springs supplied with the kit are actually too long and will allow you to open your hatch too far….driving the corners of the glass into the painted body, causing damage to the paint in that location.

These are designed to fit both Gen I and Gen II GTM’s.  These come as a pair with all of the necessary hardware to install.