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Custom Storage Bin Kit

January 13, 2012  by Shane

I know storage area in the GTM has been a hot topic in the past. I know this isn’t a huge luggage-swallowing solution, but it is large enough to fit a 12-pack of your favorite beverage.

I know many GTM’s probably already have this area tied up with other “stuff”, but if you plan on this from the start of your build, it is a pretty darn large storage area! It can not be used with the factory shift linkage, but I have yet to send a car out of my shop with the factory linkage installed, so to me, this is not really an issue. This car has the Brandwood Cableshifter installed, which is what I use in most of my builds. The cable shifter is installed both lower and farther forward in this car than any other cars I’ve done, so this storage bin should fit most applications. I have left enough room between the front of the storage bin and the chassis to get the AC/Heater duct hoses to wrap around the corner and run forward, which I how I run all of mine anyway. Yes, they get squished down to an oval shape similar to the outlet on the AC unit, so there should not be much, if any increase in restriction thru the ducts. There is clearance above the bin for my Stereo Close-out Panel. You can see by the lines drawn on the tunnel panel that the bin extends rear-ward quite a ways under the shifter to increase capacity. It also extends a couple inches above the door, which you can also see the lines drawn on the alum.

In this “kit”, I will provide all of the aluminum pieces to make the bin assembly, the door will be 14ga steel with latch hole already cut.  Steel piano hinge already welded to the door.  Also includes the flush-mount latch, latch striker, threaded latch striker mounting plate and attachment screws. The striker is slotted and slotted holes are pre-cut in the enclosure panel so that the striker is fully adjustable for both depth and distance from the latch.  The bin is actually quite a bit taller inside than the door, but the door can not be any taller due to interference with the dash. All of it would be shipped as flat pieces and you would be responsible for making the necessary bends, rivetting the sides and back of the bin together.  The bin enclosure is cut from .040″ 6061 Alum.  I may be persuaded to perform all of the bends here at additional cost.