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Diffuser Louvers – $150

November 16, 2010  by Shane

Keep that engine bay and transaxle COOL!  These “full-size” Diffuser Louvers are designed to help pull the hot air out of your engine bay.  Made from 6061 Aluminum, these Diffuser Louvers are custom made to fit the diffuser of your GTM.  They work best when combined with VRaptor SpeedWorks’ Side Scoop Louvers and/or Wing Window NACA Ducts to provide increased airflow into, and out of the engine bay…….after all, the Diffuser Louvers can’t pull hot air out of the engine bay if fresh, cool air can’t get in!

These Diffuser Louvers consist of a main louvered panel and 4 strakes that are slotted to fit together to form a beautiful and rigid piece.  All parts are shipped flat and require some simple bending and assembly.  The supplied parts are raw aluminum finish…. not powdercoated or painted as in the photo.