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Emergency Brake Boot

July 13, 2021  by Shane

The boot fits snug around the base of the ebrake handle and is bonded to an aluminum ring. The aluminum ring is .040″ (same as the aluminum panels of the GTM kit)….the inside of the ring is the same dimensions/shape as the factory-cut ebrake opening that FFR cuts into the aluminum tunnel panel. This makes installation quick and easy…..with the ebrake handle already installed in the boot, turn boot partially inside-out, slide the handle onto ebrake lever, secure the handle with the donor screw, pull the boot ring down and tuck the top rear corner of the ring under the bottom edge of the dash flange, line the inside perimeter of the boot up with the hole in the tunnel panel, drill 1/8″ holes at the corners and use some black rivets to secure the boot to the tunnel.

Option 1 is that you send me your donor ebrake handle and the material of your choice…..thinner, more flexible materials (typical vinyl upholstery, thin suede) work better than thicker, more rigid materials (heavy/thick leather). I would need one piece that is at least 12″ x 13″ for the boot and another piece that is at least 6″ x 9″ for the ring. That would run $125.

Option 2 is that I will buy some generic, black vinyl upholstery material similar to what FFR uses on the seats. That would run $150.

For the boot in the photo, I used some of the FFR suede that they shipped with the Gen I kits to cover the tunnel panels and tank covers.