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Emergency Brake Mounting Kit (Batwing Oil Pan)

October 21, 2013  by Shane

These brackets allow you to solidly mount your emergency brake cables to your engine with the added benefit of “lengthening” the cables so that they can properly reach the hubs without ending up kinked or stretched.  The Kit consists of a Front Mounting bracket that mounts the front/main e-brake cable to the front of the engine, a Rear Mounting bracket that mounts the two rear e-brake cables to the rear of the engine, and two Connecting Links that make the connection between the factory Corvette cable end that is attached to the main cable, and the two cables that run to the hubs.  The brackets are installed using the existing oil pan bolts.  No other hardware is necessary.  All brackets are shipped as bare steel and will require paint.

This kit is designed for use with the C5 Corvette Batwing Oil pan and also the Crate LS7 engines.  As you can see from the photos, the brackets will clear the knock sensor as well as the oil lines/fittings in the oil pan of the LS7.  Will not work with the Mendeola transaxle or any transaxle where the stock GM starter is used in the stock location.