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Flange/Rivet-Free Diffuser Strakes

August 26, 2019  by Shane

Looking for a cleaner look for your diffuser strakes? The FFR-provided diffuser strakes have a rivet flange to attach the strakes to the diffuser and are made from 0.040″ aluminum. Many times the flange is not bent to a perfect 90 degrees and also causes the strake to become warped/curved. The “look” leaves a bit to be desired. This Flange/Rivet-Free Diffuser Strake kit eliminates these problems and provides a much cleaner finished look to the diffuser. The Strakes are made from 0.080″ aluminum and have 3 tabs cut into the base that are inserted into slots cut into the diffuser. The strakes are bonded to the diffuser with a small bead of 8115 Panelbonding epoxy applied to the base of each strake to blend the base of the strake into the surface of the diffuser. On the top side of the diffuser, the tabs that protrude thru the diffuser will also be coated with epoxy to help secure each strake to the diffuser. This kit also comes with the squaring fixture shown in the photos below to hold all of the strakes square while the epoxy cures.