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Fuel Tank Budget Cross-Over Kit ’97-’03

December 24, 2015  by Shane

The parts that drive the cost up on the “standard” fuel cross-over kits are the pressure-sealing washers.  I’ll be right up front with you….MY COST on them is about $14 EACH…..plus shipping!  Two washers come in each kit, so we have $30 wrapped up in just 2 pressure sealing washers.  They are excellent washers that provide a positive seal….no doubt about it!  These washers have a rubber seal moulded directly to a steel washer that prevents the rubber seal from “squishing out” from behind the AN fitting and opening up a place for fuel to leak.

If you’re watching your pennies and you’re looking for a cheaper solution that….when installed correctly….will provide every bit as positive of a seal for your fuel tanks, this is the solution for you.  Instead of the seal being moulded directly to a steel washer, this kit has 4 of the square cut O-rings, along with some “retainer rings” that fit snug on the OD of the square cut O-rings.  You would install the square cut O-ring on your AN fitting, along with one of these retaining rings, and then put the fitting thru the tank (or aluminum plate).  Place another square-cut O-ring on the inside followed by an aluminum washer followed by the nut.  Position the retaining ring right in the center of the square-cut O-ring and tighten the nut.  As the nut is tightened and the square-cut O-ring attempts to “squish out” it securely locks the retaining ring in place so it can not move, while the retaining ring prevents the O-ring from being able to squish out from behind the AN fitting to cause a leak.

This kit contains:

1 – Aluminum “block off plate” to replace the guts of your GTM driver’s side tank.

4 –  Square Cut O-rings

2 – Aluminum O-ring “Retainer Washers”

2 – Aluminum washers

Please let us know what year your tanks are when you order so we can provide the proper Aluminum “block off plate”.

Positive seal.  Lower cost.


Installation note:  DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN!  The nut that secures the AN fitting to the tank or aluminum plate only needs to be tightened enough to pinch the outer O-ring between the AN fitting and the tank or aluminum plate.  As long as the outer O-ring is bulged enough to lock the “retainer washer” in place, no further tension is required.  If you over-tighten the nut, the O-ring inside the tank will tear in half and squish out from behind the aluminum washer and you will end up with no seal.  You can use the first 3 photos below as a good guide as to how the O-rings should look when properly tightened.





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