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G96-50-to-Kooks Mounting Brackets

May 14, 2019  by Shane

Use these brackets to mount your Kooks GTM Exhaust System to your G96-50 Porsche Transaxle. There are 4 threaded mounting bosses on the rear of the transaxle housing that these brackets fit (circled in red in the bottom photo below). The bottom 2 brackets in the photo below get bent to 90 degrees and you will have to bolt/rivet/weld those to the brackets that bolt to the transaxle. The stands that come with the Kooks system bolt to those L brackets. To install, bolt the 2 top brackets in the photo to your transaxle. Bend the 2 bottom brackets and attach them to the threaded stud on the Kooks stands. Position the Kooks stands on the mufflers and adjust them to the best position where the L brackets and transaxle brackets come together. Bolt/rivet/weld the L brackets to the transaxle brackets. Now you can remove the brackets and paint or powdercoat them and then re-install everything.