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Gen II Center Hood Louvers (Full Length/Max Flow)

December 5, 2018  by Shane

These louvers extend from the front of the FFR recesses in the hood to the rear of the recesses.  In the photo below, the recessed area of the hood has already been cut out to accommodate our Gen II Hood Louvers.  These Center Hood Louvers are designed to maximize airflow thru the radiator and out of the hood.  The fiberglass FFR vents in the hood do not provide enough open area to flow the required air thru the radiator for proper engine cooling.   The photo here shows the flat panel laying on the hood and not installed.  These louvers are constructed much like the louvers on the Corvette in the bottom photo.  They rivet directly to the top surface of the hood, so if you have a completed and painted GTM that you are having overheating issues with, these louvers can be added to your hood with no need to re-paint the hood…..the outer perimeter of the louvers hides the cut edge of the fiberglass.






Trackspec Louver Installation 095