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Gen II Center Hood Louvers

November 9, 2018  by Shane

Is your Gen II GTM running hot?  The factory vents in the Gen II hood do not seem to provide enough air flow for the hot air to escape from behind the radiator.  Of all of the Gen II cars we’ve completed here at VRaptor SpeedWorks, this seems to be a recurring trend.  The cars run and have no cooling issues in go-kart stage and run fine with no cooling issues in the shop with the hood removed or raised, but as soon as you close the hood on a finished car and get out on the road, the engine temps begin to climb.  If you have a finished, painted GTM with this problem, the good news with these louvers is that you can easily install them even after the car is painted.  They surface mount right to the top of the hood and the outer flange of the louvers covers the cut edge of the fiberglass….so you can mask off your painted hood, carefully cut the hole to size for these louvers and install them without having to re-paint your hood.  The braces that support the louver blades are curved to match the curve of the hood, and you leave a strip of the hood and underhood support down the center (you cut 2 separate holes in the hood, leaving a 3/4″ wide strip down the center), so by the time the holes are cut and the louvers are attached to the hood, there should not be any significant change in the strength or rigidity of the hood in this area.

Louvers will ship flat as shown in the top two photos below.


20181108_165041 20181109_103020 Hood Center Louvers 2 Hood Center Louvers 3














































































Hood Center Louver PC1



Hood Center Louver PC2