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Gen II Diffuser Grille (New Design!)

November 13, 2018  by Shane

Gen II Diffuser Grille.  Replaces the bolts and spacers provided in the FFR kit to space the diffuser away from the body.  This 5 piece kit consists of the rear trim plate, 3 pieces of pre-cut mesh and a backer plate.  All pieces ship flat and the tabs on the backer plate must be bent to match the angle of the body and diffuser for proper fit and attachment.  The mesh pieces are sandwiched between the  trim plate and backer plate.  The assembly can be riveted or bonded together (or a combination of the two as we did on the car in the photos….we used just enough rivets to keep all parts aligned, then used epoxy and rivets to hold all 5 pieces together after everything was individually powdercoated).  This design incorporates a location for a rear view camera with square housing….can be eliminated or altered to fit your needs….just let us know.










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