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Headlight Bucket Reinforcement Plates

February 8, 2018  by Shane

Getting the headlight adjusters to stay clipped into the headlight buckets can be a challenge.  There are a couple different issues with these.  The adjusters are meant to be installed into a 25/64ths hole with a thickness of a maximum of 0.045″ or so.  The fiberglass that makes up the back side of the headlight bucket is not consistent thickness.  In many places, the thickness is going to be much greater than 0.045″ and the “barbs” on the adjuster will not lock into the bucket…..so it will simply fall back out if you pull on it.  If the fiberglass is 0.045″ or less, then it’s so thin that it’s not strong enough to even get the adjuster seated and locked into the headlight bucket without cracking the fiberglass…..and you will end up with the same result….the adjuster simply falls out if you pull on it or try to adjust the headlights.


These reinforcement plates are cut from .040″ aluminum which is the perfect thickness for the adjusters to lock into.  We rough these up and bond them to the back of the headlight bucket with 3M 0115 panelbonding epoxy.  You will need to oversize the holes in the fiberglass so that the barbs on the adjuster have room to spring out and lock into the aluminum reinforcement plate.  Follow the instructions in the manual for positioning your headlights and marking the locations for the adjusters onto the headlight bucket.  Oversize your holes and bond these plates on to match your adjuster hole pattern.