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Honda S2000 Hood Louvers

October 11, 2012  by Shane

These hood louvers are designed to fit the profile of the openings in the bottom of the hood of the Honda S2000.   Louvered panels are available for the front openings, mid openings and the rear openings that are shown cut-out in the photo below.  Louvered panles are cut from .080″ aluminum and ship flat.  You must form the louver blades by hand and install the brace.  Here, we use 3M 8115 panelbonding adhesive to bond the louver braces to the louver blades on the bottom side of each louver blade where it won’t be seen from outside the car.  We use the same adhesive to bond the perimeter of the louvered panel to the underside of the hood once you’re ready for final assembly.  I recommend a metal-to-metal bond…..so be sure to grind/sand off any paint on the hood bracing or louver perimeter.  While the louvers are flat, you use them as your template to cut the openings in your hood.  Mask off the top of your hood to protect the paint.  Place the louvered panel on the underside of your hood and align the louvers so that they are centered in the underhood bracing opening.   Use a small drill bit (smaller than .080″) and place the drill bit into the brace slot of the bottom louver blade and drill thru the hood skin.  Place the drill bit into the brace slot of the top louver blade and drill thru the hood skin.  Now you can flip the hood over and place the louvered panel on the top of the hood and re-align the louver slots with the holes you just drilled.  Once you have it aligned, tape the edges down to the hood so it can’t shift around.  Use a pen or pencil to trace around the outside of the individual louver blades to create your outline for your cut opening.  I would recommend keeping the cuts tight to the marks, and once you form the blades to shape and install the louver brace, you can trial fit them to the opening and make adjustments to your hole cut as needed for proper fitment.   Forming the louvers is easily done by hand.  I normally just sit down and form them, using my legs to support the louver perimeter while I twist each louver blade to the angle that matches the slot in the brace.  Once all louvers are formed to the proper angle, the brace will slide into place and can be gently seated with a plastic mallet.  Please email me if you have any questions.  Thanks!

NEW! – We now offer louvers for the center “triangle” shaped opening as well as louvers for the “oval” shaped opening directly behind the triangle opening.  Designed to match the other louver designs for the S2000 with the same installation method.





Center & Oval