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ISIS GTM Cell Mounting Kits

November 21, 2010  by Shane

For those of you using the ISIS electrical system, this is a set of aluminum mounting plates to use in mounting the Mastercell and Powercells.  These cells have a 4 bolt footprint, and finding an open and accessible place in/on the GTM chassis that is flat and large enough to directly attach these cells is difficult at best.  This mounting kit enables you to rivet or bolt the mounting plates pretty much where ever you want on the chassis and provide you with the 4-bolt footprint you need to attach your Master and Powercells to. 

The ISIS 3-Cell GTM Mounting Kit includes one GTM Mastercell Mounting Plate which positions the Mastercell in the LH corner under the drivers dash (where FFR normally instructs you to mount the Painless Fusebox), and two Universal Mastercell/Powercell Mounting Plates for the 2 Powercells that are provided in the ISIS 3-Cell kit.  Plates are made from 6061 Aluminum.

The ISIS GTM Mastercell Mount includes the GTM Mastercell Mounting Plate only.

The ISIS “Universal” Mounting Plate has the same general outside dimensions as the ISIS Mastercell and Powercell and can be used in any ISIS installation on any vehicle, whether it’s a GTM, Roadster, ’33, Mustang restoration or anywhere you are using an ISIS electrical system.