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Louvered Belly Pan Center Narrow Panel

March 1, 2012  by Shane

Evacuate the heat from your center cockpit tunnel!  With all of the radiator coolant tubes, heater hoses, AC hoses, etc running through the center of your GTM, it can be challenging to insulate this area well enough to prevent the heat from migrating into the cockpit, leading to a sweaty and uncomfortable driving experience.  Give that heat a place to go with this custom louvered panel designed to use the low pressure and air-flow under the car to pull the heat out of this area. 

This panel is made from .080 Aluminum, and shipped flat.  You are responsible for simply bending the louvers down to the angle you desire.  If you already have the FFR supplied panel in place, you can easily remove it and use it as a drill-template for this panel as it is the exact same size and shape as the FFR panel, so swapping it out is easy!