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LS7 Peterson Oil Tank Mounting Bracket Kit

February 18, 2016  by Shane

These mounting brackets are designed to mount your 2 gallon 6″ diameter Peterson Oil tank (Peterson Part # 08-0025 plus band clamp/bracket 08-0100) securely to the chassis.  The top bracket that comes with this kit is designed to provide a location for this band clamp to mount to and requires welding this bracket to the 1″x1″ chassis tube.  I can already hear the requests for a “bolt-in” solution, but IMO, this is just not an option since this bracket is welded nearly down the center of the 1×1 tube.  Due to the VERY tight space for the tank to fit, this bracket can not simply be riveted or bolted to the inside or outside of the tube as it will cause fitment issues with both the tank and the aluminum panel that covers this area.

The lower bracket rivets to the top of the diagonal tube and will require you to purchase a 6″ band clamp in order to secure the tank to this bracket.  You may also want to add some rubber or foam weatherstripping to this bracket to fit between the bracket and tank.  Since the oil tank can be mounted on either side of the engine bay (we have mounted this tank to the LH side of the engine bay on some GTMs and the RH side of the engine bay on other GTMs) this lower bracket will ship flat, and you will have to bend the bracket in the proper direction for your application.

Both brackets are cut from 1/8″ steel.  Both will be shipped flat and are not painted.

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