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Mendeola SDR-to-Kooks Mounting Brackets

July 21, 2017  by Shane

If you’re using the Mendeola SDR transaxle and the Kooks GTM Exhaust System in your GTM, this is the mounting kit for you.  This provides a mounting point for the exhaust stands that come with the Kooks system.  After a few hours of trying to come up with brackets that would work well with the existing exhaust stands, I realized that the best solution was to cut the stands down to a shorter length.  You will need to cut 2.25″ off of the length of the stand (as shown in the photo below) and weld the new bolts to the bottom of each stand.  The kit consists of:

1 Bracket that bolts to the top of the transaxle using the 2 mounting bolts called out by Mendeola for the purpose of exhaust hangar mounting.

1 – RH and 1 – LH Exhaust Stand Mounting Bracket

2 –  5/16″x 1″ bolts, nuts and washers

2 –  3/8″x1.5″ Socket Head Cap screws to weld onto the bottom of the shortened Kooks stands.


20170721_084330 20170721_084355 20170721_084303 20170721_084316 20170721_093018