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Mk 3 Roadster Hood Louvers

January 16, 2012  by Shane

These Mk III Roadster Hood Louvers are custom made to fit your Mk III hood!  The outer edge follows the profile of the hood perimeter while the inner edge is parallel to the center-line of your car to match up to your racing stripes!  These louvers don’t just look great—-they offer significant area to vent heat and pressure from under the hood!   These Hood Louvers are very simple to assemble and install.  The parts are shipped flat and they take about 5 minutes to assemble.  Before they are formed to shape, use them as a template to scribe you cut-lines onto your hood, cut the opening in your hood, fill the space between the inner and outer hood skin and simply install these louvers from below and rivet or bond the perimeter of the louvered panel to the underside of your hood.  Hood cut-out is approx 13″L and 6.5″ W at the rear of the panel and 4.5″W at the front of the panel.  Made from .080″ Aluminum, you can easily polish them to a mirror finish while they are still flat, or leave them in their natural finish and have them painted or powder coated for just the right look for your car.  The louver blades extend up to be slightly past flush (proud) of the top hood surface.  The brace in the center hangs just 5/16″ below the bottom skin of the hood, so clearance under the hood is virtually un-changed!   This photo is of the parts as you would receive them:




And after a quick 5 minutes of forming the louver blades to the correct angle and assembling the center brace, you have what is shown in the bottom two photos:




I am told that the space between the inner and outer hood skin on the Mk IV hood is less, so these louvers would not be suitable for the Mk IV hood, but I can easily make you a set for your Mk IV hood if you are willing to help me with the dimensions of your hood!  Thanks!