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Mk 4 Wheel Well Liner Kit

March 16, 2021  by Shane

Full wheel well liners for your Mk 4 Roadster kit. Plastic panels that offer full coverage of the front, top and rear of the wheel wells for all 4 wheels. This kit offers protection against rocks and debris being thrown up against the underside of your fiberglass body which will result in starring/spider cracks in the fiberglass and paint over the tires. This kit also provides a very “finished look” to the wheel wells. Made from durable textured plastic with heavy-duty rubber bulb seal. Mounting hardware is not included as everyone seems to want to “do their own thing” as far as attaching these. There are 1/8″ pre-drilled holes in the liners at the suggested mounting locations. In the photos below, we used some black oxide stainless steel 8-32 screws to attach them.

For the rear liners, position the liners inside the body. You should be able to push up on the bottom edge in the front and rear to “wedge” the liners tight up against the chassis and body where they sit tight in place and do not want to move around. The rear part of the liner is attached with 3 screws to the factory aluminum splash guard. The front part of the liner is attached to the cockpit aluminum with the screws going thru the aluminum to the area behind the seats.

For the front liners, the same process of pushing the liner up into the body so it fits tight between the body and chassis and does not want to move around. Just like the rear liners, the rear edge of the front liner is attached to the factory aluminum splash guard with 3 screws thru the pre-drilled holes. For the front, I made a very simple 90 degree aluminum bracket, riveted the bracket to the 3/4″ chassis tube near the bottom of the radiator, drilled thru the liner into the bracket and then pulled the liner back and installed an 8-32 riv-nut into the bracket to attach the liner to.

Update: We have a customer who installed these on his Roadster that has a Mk I chassis with a Mk III Body and the liners all fit without modification.