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Mk4 Roadster Hood Louvers

December 19, 2013  by Shane

Very similar to the MkII Hood Louvers but with a bit of added height to make up for the increase in thickness of the Mk4 hood over the MkII hood.  Louvers ship flat as shown in the photo.  They are easily formed by hand, using the angle of the slots in the brace as a guide for how far to bend each louver blade.  While they are still flat, use them as your cut template by laying them flat on the hood in the location you wish to mount them and use a pencil or scribe to run along the edges of the louvers.  The front louver only needs the hood opening to be cut from the bend point rearwards, so you can cut from the bend point forward to suit your taste.  There are now 2 versions of this louver available.  If your overall hood thickness is around 3/8″, the standard height version will put the top of each louver blade about flush with the top of the hood.  If your hood is around 1/2″ thickness, the tall version will put the top of each louver blade about 1/8″ higher than the hood surface.

Here at VRaptor SpeedWorks, when we assemble and install louvers like this, we normally install the brace onto the louver blades, put the top edge of each blade against a board and gently seat the brace with a plastic mallet.  Once the brace is seated, we apply a small “fillet weld” of 3M 8115 panelbonding epoxy to the bottom surface where the brace meets the louver blades.

Louvers are cut from .080″ Aluminum.