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Mounting Bracket Kit for Hella LED Tail Lights

September 17, 2013  by Shane

This kit is designed to mount the Hella LED tail light assemblies (shown) to the body of the GTM.  (Tail light assemblies NOT included)  Kit contains all of the aluminum brackets shown, pre-bent, and also includes hardware to attach the tail lights to the brackets.   The side brackets are bonded to the fiberglass body of the car. (Epoxy not included)  Please note that these LED light assemblies are available with a chromed trim ring, which in these photos is covered with yellow masking tape to prevent them from being scratched before final assembly.

The new brackets are slightly different than the old brackets (old brackets are shown in pictures below).  The outer ring of LED’s light up all the way around for the park lights, but only one half of the ring lights up brighter for the brake lights.  Therefore, when installing them, one side needs to be mounted “upside-down” compared to the other side so that the brake light LED’s all face the outboard side of the car.

As you can see from the photos, I placed 5 washers (included in the kit) between the mounting bosses of the center light modules and the bracket to space the center module out flush with the ring.  You will need an 8-32 tap to tap out all of the mounting bosses on all of the light modules.  This can be done easily and quickly using a cordless drill on slow speed.  Line up the wires in the outer rings with the corresponding cut-outs in the brackets.  The new brackets now have an “R” and an “L” plasma cut into them.  The R bracket will go on the passenger side and the L bracket will go on the driver’s side of the car with the R and the L upright and legible from the wheel-well of the car.  This will orient the tail light rings properly.  Use the 8-32 x 1/2″ screws with a spacer washer under the head to secure the rings to the bracket.  Use the 8-32 x 5/8″ screws with the 5 washers between the bracket and light module and no washer under the head of the screw to secure the center modules to the bracket.