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NACA Duct Belly Pan Small Trapezoid

September 5, 2012  by Shane

Updated 4/28/17 – I’ve updated this design so that the side walls of the NACA ducts are formed from aluminum instead of just spanning the gap with multiple layers of foil tape.  Same functionality, better look, stronger design and easier to assemble.

Bring in some cooling air where it’s needed most!  The front of the engine/tunnel area is a large, open area with virtually no air circulation.  A great place for heat to build up and migrate into the cockpit.  Remedy that problem with this NACA Duct panel, designed to force cool, fresh air from under the car into this area to help cool things down.  This panel is a direct replacement (same size/shape except made from .080″ alum) as the FFR supplied panel.  Buy this as either a completed/assembled panel or as a kit that you can assemble yourself.  The kit will ship flat and include the main panel and 3 brackets (which will also ship flat).  Simply bend/form the brackets and ducts to the proper shape and seal the edges with foil tape (not included) (see photo).  The completed panel will come as shown in the photos, with all of that work already done.  All you will need to do is use your FFR supplied panel as a template to drill the rivet holes around the perimeter for installation.