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Oil Cooler Dual Mounting Brackets for Diffuser Louver (large) Panel

June 8, 2016  by Shane

Adding oil coolers (engine oil or transaxle cooler) to your GTM just got about as easy as it can get!  If you are using my Diffuser Louvers (the large panel the covers most of the diffuser surface), here is a simple solution to add oil  coolers in the process.  These brackets are designed specifically to work with the Diffuser Louvers and even have the pilot holes already cut in them to line up with the mounting holes in the diffuser so that it’s a virtually fool-proof installation.  These are designed to clear the G50 transaxles and allow you to mount either a single or dual oil coolers.  The kit comes with brackets to mount coolers to both sides of the diffuser, so you can use them both, or just use one if you are only using a single cooler.  This way you have the choice of which side you want to mount the cooler on after you receive the mounting kit.

These brackets are made from .080″ aluminum and ship flat.  You will need to use a metal brake or vice to bend them to the proper configuration.  These are designed to work with either the Setrab SET619-2B Coolers or the Earl’s 41900A Coolers.  Of course, these are going to work the best if you have sufficient fresh, cool air coming into your engine bay.  Any time that your GTM is moving, the diffuser will be creating the low pressure necessary to draw air thru the coolers in this location and the heat from the coolers will be immediately evacuated from the engine bay instead of making the engine bay hotter.

Photos only show the RH outer bracket…..can’t seem to get a usable photo of the center bracket…too much stuff in the way.