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Porsche G96-50 Transaxle Mounting Brackets

May 1, 2019  by Shane

Use these mounting brackets to install your Porsche G96-50/GT2/GT3 into your GTM. You will need to cut the existing trans mount ears off of the rear GTM subframe and weld these brackets to the subframe. The G96-50 has a large cast aluminum mounting block with rubber bushings moulded into the sides. Get your engine and trans installed in the car and prop the rear of the transaxle up using wood blocks between the bottom of the trans and the chassis until you get the trans/engine at the proper height/angle (typically the bottom edge of the trans adapter plate sits about 5/16″-3/8″ below the plane of the chassis). You will need to grind the long cast “ears” off of the Porsche cast mounting block. With the subframe installed and trans in position, bolt these brackets to the cast trans mount block and tack weld them in place. The front brackets will need to be bent in the middle to follow the tube. You may need to grind the rear brackets down to a shorter length to fit between the subframe tubes. I would recommend installing washers between the rear brackets and the trans mount to ease installation. Once all of the brackets are fitted and tack welded in place, remove the subframe and finish welding, paying attention not to weld where the weld will interfere with where the bolt head will seat against the bracket. The photo below shows a similar installation so you can see how everything is arranged. The new brackets span from the very rear tube to the center tube…unlike the welded brackets shown in the photos below