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Rear Hatch Glass Replacement Panel

November 28, 2010  by Shane

The simplest, most elegant, and most functional replacement for the rear hatch glass that comes with your FFR GTM kit!  I can tell you from experience that the rear hatch glass does NOT fit the body opening of the GTM.  Not on early kits….not on later kits….and from my “investigation” at the 2010 SEMA show, not on the Gen II GTM either.

Modifying the body of the car to get the rear glass to fit correctly takes days and days of full-time work…..reinforcing the body around the glass opening, cutting and grinding away at the opening in the body and smoothing everything back down to look right.  Overall it’s just a real pain!

This gorgeous piece is designed to FIT THE BODY OPENING AS IT COMES FROM FFR!  While this piece may seem costly upfront, it can easily pay for itself….especially if you’re having a body shop prep and paint your GTM for you.  Why pay the cost of having the hatch opening modified to fit the glass when you could have this “drop in” beautiful piece instead!!

The photos do not do this piece justice.  This panel not only solves the problem of the glass not fitting, but also offers the benefits of providing a cold-air source to the engine intake, and additional cooling airflow thru the engine bay to keep the temps down.  The center stack of louvers are open between them, providing an excellent escape route for the heat above the engine.  The dual scoops can provide fresh air to the engine intake or be simply ducted into the engine bay, or both!

The Replacement Panel in the photos shows the center “louvers” in carbon fiber.  These were custom made for the owner of this particular car, but this part normally comes with these louvers made from Lexan…..allowing you to show off your engine as well as providing great rear visibility from the cockpit. 

Another added benefit is weight savings.  Believe it or not, the Carbon Fiber panel weighs in at only 6.5 lbs!!  Also available in Fiberglass/Gel-coat.