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VRSW Universal Wing Mount System

August 7, 2012  by Shane

This Universal Wing Mount System is designed to be welded on to the rear sub-frame of the GTM.  The only “fixtures” really required to weld the parts on are a couple of heavy pieces of angle or tube and a square.  Simply clamp the angle or tube flat across the top of the chassis tubes, clamp the two main UWM parts against the chassis tube in the position shown in the photos (with the very rear edge even and parallel to the FRONT side of the rear 1×1 chassis tube).  Tack weld in place and position the cantilever braces in the center of the 1×1 chassis tube that the transaxle mounting ears are welded to (see photo).  Square them up and tack weld those in place.  Leave “fixtures” in place while welding to prevent warping.  After all parts are welded fully, remove fixtures and prime/paint as needed.

This provides a rock-solid platform for your wing mounting, and removes ALL the forces and stress of the wing from the body and places all of the downforce directly on the chassis.  This system also includes the Aluminum uprights that extend from the steel upright thru the body as well as the wing stands for either the APR GTC-300 CF rear wing or my custom VRSW Gel-Coat Rear Wing.  In other words, if you order this mounting system for either wing, and you order the wing, you will have all of the parts you need to mount your wing to your GTM.  It does not include the quick-disconnect pins.  If you would like that option you must purchase it separately.