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Weld-in Tie Down Brackets

August 11, 2016  by Shane

Having troubles trying to figure out how to strap your GTM down to your trailer for transport?  These weld-in plates are a great solution!  These plates are cut from 3/16″ steel and require welding to the chassis.  The rear bracket welds in at the very rear of the chassis between the X and rear 1.5″ square chassis tube.  This plate will accommodate two of the typical hooks found in heavy-duty tie down straps.  The front plates weld in to where the chassis and rear leg of the Lower Control Arm meet.  The openings are cut at the perfect angle for placing your front straps in an “X” arrangement…..which is how the straps should be arranged when strapping down a car.  If you run your front straps from the driver’s side of the trailer floor anchor to the passenger side tie down bracket….and your strap from the passenger side of the trailer floor anchor to the driver’s side tie down bracket so that your straps form an X, this prevents your car from moving rearward, and also prevents it from shifting from side to side on the trailer.  With the tie down bracket in the center of the chassis in the rear, the rear straps will form a triangle…..and again, prevent the car from moving forward as well as preventing the car from shifting from side to side.



Trailer Straps

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