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Window Down Travel Stops

April 25, 2017  by Shane

Limit the downward travel of your windows with these Window Down Travel Stops.  The space inside the doors of the GTM does not allow the window to travel all the way down into the door without causing some serious issues.   On the driver’s side door, the bottom edge of the window glass typically crashes into the window motor.  On the passenger side, there is not enough room inside the door and the rear window clamp contacts the outer door skin and if you continue to roll the window down, it can separate the door skin from the door as the window clamp continues to force the door skin away from the door.

These travel stops clamp onto the rear window regulator track to stop the travel of the window regulator.  These ONLY get installed on the rear window tracks….not on the front window track.  No stop is required for the front track…..stopping the travel of the rear track stops all window travel.

Installation is quick and simple.  Determine where you need to stop window travel (before interference occurs with the window and door/door frame/window motor) and mark where the bottom of the window regulator is on the rear window regulator track.  The flat plate of these travel stops needs to be installed so that the “notched out” section faces up and the longer “flange” (blue arrow in photo below) faces down.  Install the stop onto the window track and position it so that the top edge is at the mark you made on the track.  Tighten the screw to secure the travel stop to the window track and you are done!  This does not alter or modify the window regulators….these stops can be removed or repositioned at any time.


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