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Window Track Positioners

August 9, 2012  by Shane

Need a hand with one of the most challenging parts of the GTM build?  How about two extra hands!  Use these Window Track Positioners to precisely position your window tracks!  Use one on the back side of the front track, and one on the front side of the rear track and it locks the tracks into position (as long as you also have your window clamped into the regulator and the bottom of each track bolted to the door).  Simply use a couple of clamps or vice-grips so that you can quickly and easily move the Positioners forward, back inboard or outboard to position the tracks right where you want them.  These are meant only for temporary use in setting up and getting your windows adjusted.  Without these, there’s just not a very good way to hold the tracks where you want them while still being able to run the window up and down to check for adjustment within the door, adjustment of the window to the body and to make sure you have your tracks parallel to each other.  Once you have all of your adjustments done and finalized, you can simply take a measurement of how far away from the door frame the rear track is, remove the Positioner (the track will not be able to fall rearward as long as the window is still clamped in and the front Positioner is still in place) and bond or weld your FFR supplied window track brackets to the track with the bracket flat against the door frame tube.  Once this is done, you can clamp down the rear track bracket to the frame tube, take a measurement from the track to the door frame, remove the front Positioner and weld/bond in your front FFR window track bracket.  Now just space your tracks back to their proper position away from the door frame tube and secure them to the door frame…..and you’re done!  Made from .080″ Aluminum and comes as a set of 4.