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Custom GTM Parts

November 16, 2010  by Shane

If you would like to place an order, please send an email to vraptor@centurylink.net and list the parts you’d like to order.  Also, please include your shipping address and we will reply with a total including shipping.  I am not set up to accept credit cards at this time.  I can accept personal checks or Paypal.

Click on each part description to see more details and photos of these items.  This area is under construction…..Some items do not yet have detail info or photos. 

Attention! 11/24/21:  With prices on materials skyrocketing across the board (aluminum, steel, fiberglass resin, plexi/polycarb) all prices below are subject to change at any time and the prices listed may not necessarily be the price I end up having to charge you.  I do apologize for this, but compared to last year, steel is up about 400%, aluminum is up about 300% and many of my other materials and supplies have nearly doubled.

Body Mods, Louvers, Heat Management:

Aluminum Hatch Glass Replacement (Louvered) – $399

Fender Louvers – $159

Fender Louvers w/Rock Guard Mesh – $199

Custom GTM Rear Body Vents (Pair) – $770

Louvered Belly Pan Center Narrow Panel – $79

Louvered Belly Pan Small Trapezoid – $51

NACA Duct Belly Pan Small Trapezoid Kit  (improved)- $89

NACA Duct Belly Pan Small Trapezoid Assembled  (improved)- $179

Gen II Center Hood Louvers – $99

Gen II Center Hood Louvers (Full Length/Max Flow) – $110

Gen II Hood Louvers  (Replaces FFR fiberglass vents)- $169

Gen II GTM Rear Body Louvers – $87

Gen II GTM Rear Hatch Louvers – $69

Gen II Diffuser Grille (New Design!) – $199

Gen II Diffuser Grille (compliments Kooks Exhaust Grille) – $189

Gen I Fiberglass/Gelcoat Front Splitter – $599

GTM Aluminum Front Splitter (One-piece design eliminates need for FFR “Half-Moon”) – $267

GTM Aluminum Front Splitter Canards (pair) – $237

GTM Alum Side Skirts (Rocker Extensions) – $189

Gen I Hood Louvers – $239

Gen I Hatch Louvers – $149

Diffuser Louvers – $150

“Between Strakes” Diffuser Louvers (pair) – $89

Side Scoop Louvers – $169

Side Scoop Louvers (extended) – $199

Gen I Front Grille – $89

Quarter Window Scoops – $699

“Wing Window” NACA Ducts FG (Pair) – $800

FG Rear Hatch Glass Replacement Panel – $3300

Cold Air Intake Plenums for Hatch Glass Replacement Panel – $775

Exhaust Grille For Kooks – $59

Exhaust Grille For FFR Exhaust – $59

4″ Fiberglass Rear Fender Flares – $2300

Flange/Rivet-Free Diffuser Strakes – $89

Wings & Wing Mounts:

Custom VRSW Gel-coat Rear Wing – $1,400

APR GTC-300 CF Wing w/Custom Spacing to use with Universal Wing Mount – $1,599

VRSW Universal Wing Mount System – $799  –  This price includes the wing stands for EITHER the VRSW Gel-coat Rear Wing OR the APR GTC-300 Wing.

Quick Disconnect Pins to use with Universal Wing Mount – $150

Complete Universal Wing Mount System set up to interchange the VRSW GTM Rear Wing & APR Rear Wing;  Includes Universal Mount System, All Alum parts Black Anodized, Quick Release Pins, VRSW GTM Rear Wing, APR GTC-300 Rear Wing & All Mounting Hardware and Instructions So you can quickly and easily swap rear wings for street or track use – $3,549  (this system can be seen on GTM#6 on the Home page)

Brackets, Mounts, “Fixes”, Accessories, Appearance, etc:

Wheel Well Liner Kit Front – $199

Wheel Well Liner Kit Rear – $137

Wheel Well Liner Full Kit Front/Rear – $299

AC/Heat Vent Hose Patch/Seal Panel – $35

Headlight Bucket Reinforcement Plates (set of 4) – $29

Window Down Travel Stops (pair) – $33

Window Track Positioners – $9

LS Serpentine Belt Tensioner – $299

LS Serpentine Belt Tensioner Complete Kit – $337

LS7 Peterson Oil Tank Mounting Bracket Kit – $29

LS7 Peterson Oil Tank “trim panel” Aluminum – $39

Aluminum GTM Engine Cover – $299

Radiator Aluminum Panel (Coolant Reservoir Delete) – $99

Cable Shifter Mounting Bracket Kit – $39

Numeric Cable Shifter Mount – $159

Emergency Brake Mounting Kit  (Crate Engine Oil Pan)- $99

Emergency Brake Mounting Kit (LS7 & Batwing Oil Pan) – $99

Emergency Brake Mounting Kit (Mendeola & Crate Oil Pan) – $99

Emergency Brake Boot – $125 – $150

Custom GTM Hatch Props – $229

GTM Fog Light Mounting Brackets (Pair) – $49

GTM Dead Pedal – $47

Crate Engine ECU Mount Plate – $17

Crate Engine ECU Vertical Mount Plate – $47

Crate ECU/ISIS Powercell Mounting Bracket – $159

Crate LS376 Throttle Pedal Mounting Bracket  (*Some LS7’s also)- $37

Fuel Tank Cross-Over Kit ’97-’03 – $49

Fuel Tank Cross-Over Kit ’04 – $33

G50-to-Kooks Mounting Bracket – $23

Canton Coolant Tank Mounting Bracket – $23

‘Vette Coolant Tank Relocate Bracket – $23

Custom Storage Bin Kit – $239

Seat Mounting Brackets (set of 4) – $47

Center Console Trim Plate -$69

GTM Hood Latch Rub Plates (Pair) – $27

AC “Blower Relocate” Plenum –  Flat Parts only…ask for details – $33

Cam Bolt Washers – $47 (Not required on Gen II GTMs)

Serpentine Belt Idler Pulley Support – $33

Stereo Close-out Panel – $89

Billet Aluminum Shift Knobs (fit Brandwood/CableShift) – $42

ISIS GTM 3-Cell Mounting Kit – $49

ISIS GTM Mastercell Mount – $23

ISIS “Universal” Mounting Plate – $23

“Mike DeGuire” Engine Cover – $600 fg/Gelcoat  

LS Engine Valley Cover Oil Pressure Boss Modification – $47

Tilton Cooler Pump Mounting Plate – $25

Oil Cooler Dual Mounting Brackets for Diffuser Louver (large) Panel – $47

Setrab Oil Cooler Mount (for use with “Between Strakes Diffuser Louvers”) – $29

LED Tail Light Mounting Bracket Kit for Hella, GRP or Nolden – $89

Weld-in Tie Down Brackets – $77

Wiper Motor Park Plate – $29

Mendeola VSS Mounting Bracket – $23

Harness Bar Mounting Brackets/End Plates – $97

Porsche G96-50 Transaxle Mounting Brackets – $59

Custom Kooks GTM Exhaust Systems:

Complete Kooks GTM Exhaust System (catted)- $3613.28

Complete Kooks GTM Exhaust System (non-catted) – $3018.52

Complete Kooks GTM LS7 Exhaust System (catted) – $3753.28

Complete Kooks GTM LS7 Exhaust System (non-catted) – $3158.52

Kooks GTM Headers-Only – $1553.72

Kooks GTM LS7 Headers-Only – $1693.72

Add Ceramic Coating to Kooks Headers – 451.73

Add Ceramic Coating to Kooks X-Pipe & Cats – Call for Price

G50-to-Kooks Mounting Bracket – $23

G96-50-to-Kooks Mounting Brackets – $29

Mendeola SDR-to-Kooks Mounting Brackets – $59

*LS7 Crate engines can come with different throttle pedals depending on what it is using for an ECU.  If your throttle pedal looks like the one in the photos for the LS376 Throttle Pedal Mounting Bracket link, this bracket will also work for your throttle pedal.