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Custom Roadster – 818 – Type 65 Parts

January 14, 2012  by Karlo

Attention! 11/24/21:  With prices on materials skyrocketing across the board (aluminum, steel, fiberglass resin, plexi/polycarb) all prices below are subject to change at any time and the prices listed may not necessarily be the price I end up having to charge you.  I do apologize for this, but compared to last year, steel is up about 400%, aluminum is up about 300% and many of my other materials and supplies have nearly doubled.

Custom parts for your FFR Roadster!   If you would like to order, please send an email to vraptor@centurylink.net with the item(s) you’d like to order along with your shipping address and we will reply with a total and shipping quote.  Click on the parts description for more details.  Thanks!

Mk 4 Wheel Well Liner Kit – $320

Mk 4 Roadster Hood Centering Brackets – $29

Mk II Roadster Hood Louvers – $99

Mk 3 Roadster Hood Louvers – $99

Mk 4 Roadster Hood Louvers  (standard & tall version)- $99

Roadster “Oversize” Side Vents – $89 – $99

Roadster Cup Holder – $37 – $47

Type 65 Daytona Coupe Side Vents – $63

Type 65 Daytona Coupe Rear Vents – $67

818 Wing Mount Kit – $799

818 Wing Mount Kit with Shift Linkage Protection – $849

818 Rear Body Supports – $89

818 Forward Body Supports – $99

818 Rear & Forward Body Supports – $97

APR GTC-300 67″ Carbon Fiber Rear Wing – $1599

APR GT-250 71″ Carbon Fiber Rear Wing – $1493

APR GT-250 67″ Carbon Fiber Rear Wing – $1319

APR GT-250 61″ Carbon Fiber Rear Wing – $1249

818 Side Scoop Louvers – $169

818 Rear Upper Vent Panel (your choice)– $120

818 Rear Lower Vent Panel – $120

If you would like to see this style of hood louvers available for your Mk I, II or IV, contact me via email and we can meet your needs!

More items to come!

At VRaptor SpeedWorks, I own and operate our very own CNC Plasma table, which is used to produce the majority of the aftermarket GTM and Roadster products that we offer.  Many of these products are created at the request of my customers.  If you have an idea for a product for your Roadster that you would like to see made available, shoot me an email or give me a call to discuss your idea.  If I sense there would be a sufficient demand for the product, most likely I will work with you to design and produce the product you want, and then offer that product for sale here to others.

If you are proficient at CAD, and you have a .dxf file that you would like cut on our plasma table, send me your file and we can cut your parts for you.  Whether it’s just a small bracket or something more elaborate, contact me and we can help to get you what you need!