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VRSW Universal Wing Mount System

May 14, 2012  by Shane

This wing mounting system was developed to address the concerns of mounting a wing to the fiberglass body of the GTM.  Whether you have a Gen I or Gen II, you realize that mounting a wing directly to the fiberglass body is probably not the greatest idea.  This is especially true if you are planning on using a wing that provides significant down-force.  Mounting the wing directly to the chassis is a much better solution.  This wing mount system does not only “tie” the wing to the chassis, it completely removes all contact of the wing with the body of the car.  This eliminates the possibility of the wing forces eventually cracking or warping the fiberglass body, ruining your paint, or causing a potentially dangerous situation. 

It is designed to bolt directly to the rear “transaxle sub-frame” of the GTM.  Made from heavy 6061 aluminum plate, these parts are designed to carry as much down-force as you care to dial in!   These are delivered in raw aluminum finish with no paint or anodizing.  We do offer anodizing for these parts for an added cost of $170.  This system is available to fit either the APR CF wing or the VRSW Gel-Coat Wing (or both!).  All hardware for installation is included.