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“Wing Window” NACA Ducts (Pair)

November 17, 2010  by Shane

Replace the “Wing Windows” on your GTM with these NACA Ducts.  Moulded to perfectly fit into the body on both the LH and RH sides of the car, these NACA Ducts add style and function by increasing the airflow to the engine bay.  Ducts taper to a 3″ diameter round flange—perfect for clamping on 3″ duct so you can route the air to where you need it!  Use them to feed an air filter box for the engine, cool the brakes or simply leave them open to the engine bay to assist in keeping that area cool.  Offered in both Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass/gelcoat.  Requires bonding and minor bodywork to blend the part into the body.